Pioneers in terms of Product Innovation.

Product Innovations are based on two crucial factors called Research and Development which are our investment in the future. With our in-house laboratory and its multitude of analytic capabilities playing a decisive role within our production process chain is how we create new product solutions and technical peak performance with great benefits for the user.
The service range of our laboratory includes:

  • inspection of incoming and outgoing goods,
  • standard tests according to, for example, DIN- and EU-Standard,
  • master sample approval tests according to customer specification,
  • series testing,
  • inspection during manufacturing,
  • development of specific tests, and
  • quality assurance.

Quality assurance, inspection of incoming goods and inspection of production during manufacturing guarantee a consistently high quality and provide security for your own production processes.
Standards such as DIN are good and necessary. But is "Standard" enough for you? Our in-house test laboratory provides the means to have the needed materials as well as finished products tested according to your requirements.

Conveyor Belts on Trial
The most extreme conditions are to be found in many an area of application. Oil, grease, and animal feed may take one conveyor belt or another to its limits.For that reason the noltewerk laboratory checks the expansion properties of its conveyor belts with specifically adapted tests (silage, recycling material from waste collection ...), conducts tear-out tests, advanced resistance tests of belt splices and many more. Together we develop a made-to-measure solution for a long service life and operational reliability in your production facility.

Plastics on Trial
Materials and consumer goods made of plastics form an integral part of the industry. They are used in various areas, forms, and mixtures.

Important questions asked by our customers:
does the material have the required composition?
is this material the right one for my area of application?
will the material meet the demands?
even after it has been processed?
Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools and Know-How to provide the safety you need for your specific environment.

Elastomers on Trial
If used for dampening, sound absorption, insulation, as media-tight seals or rubber-metal compounds there are many ways elastomers may be utilised.
Due to our many years of experience in test technology and practical use of elastomers we provide particular support for all existing and new elastomeric-applications. Especially at the start of a new product series it is of particular importance for any customer to know the material to be used in detail. For this reason, the testing of such material for production is a key task of our in-house laboratory.