Our conveyor belts will take your products safely anywhere. If made of rubber or plastics depends on your specific wishes and requirements. The choice is yours.

Long-term experience in both segments of Conveyor Technology and the extensive Know-How of our production staff provide the security you need, whilst the expertise of our engineers, technicians, 

technical draftsmen guarantees perfect material selection, design, and workmanship for your area of application.

On-site attendance required? We will be more than happy to provide any assistance you may need personally or by phone.
Come and see what our noltewerk Conveyor Technology cosmos holds in store for you ...

Customer Service

  • Conveyor Technology

    t +49 (2571) 16 - 310

  • Elastomer Technology

    t +49 (2571) 16 - 311

  • Technical Plastics

    t +49 (2571) 16 - 312

  • Transparent Plastics

    t +49 (2571) 16 - 313

Did you already know, ...


... that we have got an own testing laboratory?

Security and quality are paramount and guarantee you our consistent performance.

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