Experts for Rubber Conveyor Belts

You need a custom-built belt with a reinforced edge? With cleats and splices? A calculation of your belt? The construction of a belt specifically adjusted to your products? A change of band or an assembly on-site?
We have the answers to those questions above and many more. We manufacture your conveyor belt in various lengths and widths, with a smooth finish or with different cleats, corrugated edges, and V-ledges bonded to the belt by hot and cold vulcanisation.
As an alternative we also supply these goods on rolls from our large assorted stock of semi-finished products.

Industries & Examples of application

The conveyor belt is the most important structural element of a belt-conveyor. It consists of a rotary belt, on conveyor rollers and slideways, which simultaneously serves as a load-bearing as well as traction device. The rubber conveyor belt is the more sturdy option when compared to the conveyor belt made of plastics.
Properties: rubber conveyor belts

  • exhibit high tensile strength,
  • have a high load bearing capability, and
  • may be used in long conveyor lines.

Possible areas of application for rubber conveyor belts 

  • process belts
  • raw material belts
  • recycling belts
  • feeder/harvest belts
  • fruit/vegetable belts

Your requirements - our performance

A small glimpse at the specific noltewerk production techniques

As a modern manufacturer we make use of a variety of processing methods and apply our Know-How to any of our products with particular regard to economic efficiency which in turn resulted in a number of patented solutions in the area of Conveyor Technology that our customers rely on day after day.
Types of Splices
Readily vulcanised and spliced on-site by hot or cold vulcanisation.
We use the most appropriate technique for your specific belt.
Qualities, Profiles, Cleats
You may choose from different belt qualities such as being resistant to oil and grease, heat or foodstuff with matching profiles, cleats, and corrugated edges depending on the intended purpose. So that everything fits together perfectly.

Scrapers are used on rubber belts to ensure the conveyor belt as well as the belt-conveyor itself remains clean. Our wide range of scrapers will render a fitting solution for your belt.

In-house tool making
The quality of tools is of utmost importance for the product quality. 
Our very own engineering experts ensure precise application of our Know-How in our in-house tool production. This is to guarantee an efficient, smooth, and rapid production process.

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