Experts for Elastomer Technology

If used for dampening, sound absorption, insulation, as media-tight seals or rubber-metal compounds there are many ways elastomers may be utilised.
Sheets, cuts or bands of various hardness?
Custom-builts for your production?
Rubber- or PU-lining of delivery chutes and steel troughs?
Impact protection?
Straight or conical cuffs?
Drum liners?
Rubber scrapers?
Rubber floor coverings? Trailer linings?
Elastic compounds of various kind?
We meet any requirement.​Our experts for Elastomer Technology make sure of that.
Long-term experience in this segment and the extensive Know-How of our production staff provides the security you need 

whilst the expertise of our engineers, technicians, technical draftsmen guarantees perfect material selection for your area of application.
Welcome to our world of Elastomer Technology.

Industries & Examples of application

Elastomeric products can be found anywhere in the manufacturing industry as well as in machine and plant engineering.
Our products come as custom-mades, individual, and also serial productions. As in any of our segments our strength is customisation meeting your expectations and specifications, precise and individual.

Your requirements - Our performance

The Know-How of our production staff and engineers guarantees a particularly high quality of our products. Our technicians are experts in gluing, vulcanising, cutting, punching, and milling. Through this, we are able to warrant for the optimum choice of material, engineering, and workmanship.

Always available semi-finished products we may process for you include:

  • natural rubbers, also specialty rubbers in red
  • nitrile rubbers
  • EPDM
  • silicone
  • polyurethane
  • high pressure sealing materials

Additional qualities are available on request.

As a modern manufacturer we make use of a variety of processing methods. We apply our Know-How to any of our products with particular regard to economic efficiency. Economic, reliable, and innovative.

Nesting plans, for example, ensure material efficient use of raw material. 

A small glimpse at the specific noltewerk production techniques

3-D water-jet cutting
By using a water-jet we have the ability to cut various base materials into many different shapes. The swivel mounted head which pivots up to 68° allows for bevelled cuts.

Almost any material may be processed ranging from soft, porous foams to hard materials.

  • Low chipping,
  • cutting of the material without thermal deformation
  • cutting of the material without destruction of the material structure in the cutting area, and
  • cutting of curved surfaces.

Vulcanisation is the chemical process of modifying rubber by use of heat, pressure, and time.

In-house tool making
The quality of tools is of utmost importance for the product quality.

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... that we have got an own testing laboratory?

Security and quality are paramount and guarantee you our consistent performance.

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