More than 50 tons of technical and 18,000 m² of Transparent Plastics on stock await use in your production.
You may choose from:

  • raw semi-finished products,
  • cuts, and
  • customised finished products.

We process our plastics using CNC-milling (3- and 5-axis processing), turning, bevelling, thermal forming, and cutting by 3-D water-jet as well as other procedures.

When deciding on the most suitable synthetic material we apply our Know-How, examine the technical values of the material in question and take your requirements into account. Thereby ensuring a qualified recommendation of material starting with the selection and processing of it right through to the finished product. This also includes quality assurance by our in-house laboratory. We are more than happy to undertake any development and engineering task for you.

On-site attendance required? We would be pleased to provide any assistance you may require personally or by phone.

Step into our world of plastics...

Customer Service

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  • Elastomer Technology

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  • Technical Plastics

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  • Transparent Plastics

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