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Consultation, planning, implementation - single-source solutions according to your requirements.
Processing is carried out by employing advanced techniques and our extensive range of multi-purpose machinery

Nesting plans, for example, ensure material efficient use of raw materials.
Thanks to our Know-How and special processing techniques we are able to offer products made of Transparent Plastics that meet even the highest expectations in regards to visual appearance you may have.
This enables us to always provide the best manufacturing option.

Economic, reliable, and innovative.

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Plastics and their operating temperatures

Industries & Examples of application

Transparent Plastics are predominantly, so called, standard plastics which are needed and manufactured in major quantities around the globe. They are frequently used in the Packaging and Consumer Goods Industry, can be found in visual communication, and are utilised as machine and safety covers. In these areas the visual factor is particularly significant.

  • high visual quality
  • brilliant transparency
  • good price-performance ratio


Areas of application for Transparent Plastics:

  • safety and machine covers
  • housings
  • wear application with minor mechanical loads
  • guide rails
  • partitions, acoustic barriers
  • packing for medical devices
  • displays

Your requirements - our performance

A small glimpse at the specific noltewerk production techniques

Vacuum forming
Vacuum forming is a manufacturing process in which a semi-finished product is shaped by a positive / negative mould. This process allows for the plastics being made into moulded parts in a particularly homogeneous and careful way. A specific cooling process ensures the highest accuracy of fit and the material being free of tension.
5-axis CNC-milling machine / 3-D milling
Parts may be processed in a single operation. Time consuming mounting and re-mounting of parts is no longer necessary resulting in a more economical and time-efficient production with added maximum precision even with complex items.
In-house tool making
The quality of tools is of utmost importance for the product quality. Our very own engineering experts ensure precise application of our Know-How in our in-house tool production. 

This is to guarantee an efficient, smooth, and rapid production flow with our CNC-controlled machines providing improved precision of the parts at the same time. 

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